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Data: 14.06.2022

Autore: Abdulaziz Al Serkal

Oggetto: abdulazizal2021uae@gmail.com

Meeting Billionaires at the World Cup to bring investors to Qatar.

Dear CEO,

Good morning, Did you receive my first email?

Qatar will be hosting the most popular sporting event across the globe in
2022: The FIFA World Cup. As a result of such a large-scale event, it is no
surprise that Qatar could potentially reap numerous benefits that spread
far beyond the realm of the sporting industry.

Qatar is spending more than $200 billion in construction projects ahead of
the 2022 World Cup, according to a Deloitte report.
Of this spend, more than $140 billion will be pumped into modernizing the
transport infrastructure over the next five years.

The tourism industry is also expected to benefit from the event. Officials
predict over ONE MILLION VISITORS for the World Cup, generating
approximately $145 billion by 2027 for the Qatari economy and world.

I write to you based on a request by a Chinese investor and his need for
investment/funding a very large fund about $93 Million & $210 Million total
$303 Million in your country.

My name is Abdulaziz Al Serkal Board member - Gulf Investment Group, and
currently working with reputable financial services in Qatar/UAE for world

My company most times represents the interests of very wealthy investors
who invest in world cup tournaments. during last 2018 Russian world cup he
invested $288 Million in Moscow/Vietnam and now, Due to the sensitivity of
the position they hold in their society and the unstable investment
environment of their country, they evacuate majority of their funds into
more stable economies and developed nations where they can get good yield
for their money after the world cup.

I was recently approached by a Reserved Client from China, whom I had
personally worked with a few years ago at the last world cup in Russia
2018,he contacted me with a proposal. What he request a better company,
who will be willing to receive $93 Million & $210 Million total $303
Million on his behalf abroad, and put it to good use for a period not
exceeding 10 to 20 years, for a start.

The client has offered these terms:

1). 10% commission paid to me and my foreign partner of the total funds
successfully evacuated.

The funds in question are $93 Million & $210 Million total $303 Million. if
successfully invested this fund, extra $4.9 Billion will be also available
for future investment.

2) The funds will be used by the foreign partner for Ten to Twenty years as
a loan without any interest. That is, you do not pay any interest on the
money but you give the client 50% of all profits after reducing the tax
that accrued from the use of the funds.

If these terms are agreeable to you, kindly let me know and I will provide
you with all necessary information and procedures involved. Please provide
me with your phone number, and I will give you a call whenever you want and
explain to you in full details or call me on.

Abdulaziz Al Serkal
Board member - Gulf Investment Group
Email: abdulazizal2021uae@gmail.com